Changing the game one dose at a time

First step: a handheld dosing device to make personalizing and connecting medicines effortless



Individualized dosing at the right time enables titration and disease management.



Solving the problem of pills that are hard to administer and swallow with an easy-to-use device, and increasing adherence.



Leveraging scientific advances in drug development and health technology to improve patient outcomes.



OnDosis 01

The first product from OnDosis is currently in development.

  • An intuitive handheld dosing device
  • Connects to digital health technologies
  • Engaging patients in treatment and improving outcomes.


OnDosis aims to be a game changer for outcome-driven disease management

Flexible and personalized dosing, increased control of risk substances and greater convenience for patients. By connecting innovative digital solutions we’ll open an ocean of possibilities. 

Personalized medicine creates a need for personalized dosing. That children and elderly patients often have trouble swallowing common pills is a well-know problem. Healthcare providers urgently look for better ways to deliver medicines, improve adherence and measure outcomes. And society requires improved management of controlled substances. OnDosis is looking to help make it happen.




A well documented need

“60 % of patients aged between 60 and 89 years experienced difficulties in swallowing tablets and capsules.

Strachan I, Greener M. Medication-related swallowing difficulties may be more common than we realise. Pharm Pract. 2005;15:411–414.


“Most conventional drug delivery systems are not acceptable for pediatric patients … age-appropriate oral drug delivery systems specifically developed to meet the needs of the pediatric population are therefore desired.”

Lopez et al. Expert Opin Drug Deliv. 2015;12(11):1727-40.


“Increasing knowledge into personalized medicine has demonstrated the need for individual dosing. Drug dosage forms are urgently needed enabling an individual therapy, especially for oral drug delivery.”

Wening K et al. Int J Pharm. 2011 Feb 14;404(1-2):1-9.


Want to know more?

Martin Olovsson
CEO & co-founder of OnDosis. Martin is a senior business leader with 25 years of experience in high profile general management and global leadership roles at AstraZeneca. He has been responsible for several launches, significant P&L’s  and global franchise strategies as well as device and e-health development programs.

He is now spearheading OnDosis, driven by the opportunity to bring an exciting innovation to the market.

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