Intelligent dosing delivers the right dose at the right time, for the right person – with a set dose or the flexibility of dose titration. Personalized user identification ensures that only the right person uses the device.


Just push the button to dose your medicine. The intuitive and easy-to-use handheld device dispenses micro units – making life much easier for patient groups with trouble swallowing conventional tablets and capsules.


The device connects to an ecosystem of smart health technology. A companion app can support adherence and self-monitoring. Connectivity to diagnostic systems and data creates great opportunities to improve treatment outcomes.

Going beyond the conventional pill bottle

The most common treatment paradigm today is prescription medicine delivered as tablets or capsules in bottles or cartons. Often, they do not provide a good fit for patients or treatment goals, as pills have built in limitations.

Tablets make dose titration difficult. Swallowing can be a problem for several patient groups. Bottles cannot be locked, and tamper resistance means that containers become difficult to open. Dose reminders and compliance monitoring are not integrated.

OnDosis will resolve several of the issues with today’s main paradigm. Instead of picking up a bottle at the pharmacy, in the future patients will receive their medicine in the integrated OnDosis device.

Disease areas

The OnDosis solution offer benefits to patients and caregivers in several key disease areas. Hundreds of thousands of patients with these conditions could be helped by improved dosing, ultimately leading to improving health care outcomes.

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